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35 Scenes from the Coming Dystopia

Concept painting by Syd Mead

I’ve always been a fan of having a dark and dystopic future, one where there’s chaos, war, massive guns, giant animal-like machines and a possible ringed planet looming overhead. Okay fine, maybe just dystopic art.

But needless to say movies like Blade Runner and Tron were favorites growing up but something about that morbid feeling of impending Apocalypse, one that I of course survive, kept me wishing for a blaster strapped to my leg and a foxy heroine with torn clothing on my arm. It was a seamy, dark and foreboding future but the gloom, the physics-bending architecture and weapons of various forms of destruction made me want it all the more.

It’s apparent by the movies, comic books and modern works of fiction that I’m not the only one who’s obsessed with the forthcoming suffering and battle-worn future of mankind. Most sci-fi movies doubt there’ll be anything less. And the video gaming industry has practically bet its livelihood on it.

Here are 35 amazing portrayals of the deeply troubled future we may or may not have in store for us.



Mad World pt II

Space Marines

Blaster Duel



Office Hero

Puddle Hero

Air Force One

Alien Landing

Go Zetaman GO

The Trench

The Lost Age Marauders

Steam Punk Octopus by Ray Bender

Sci Fi by Mike Bot

Crumbling Footbridge by Prasa

By Cris Delara

Red Wings by Bence Kresz

Duel by Andree Wallin



Floating Fish by Minn Hagen

Steam Punk by preilly

Futurama by Vladimir Desancic

China Tower by Tor Venius

Heaven by Viag

Slum City

By openanewworld

By openanewworld

By conceptships

By conceptships

By conceptships

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