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Ring Project Reflects Paris’ Place Vendôme

Ring - Place Vendome

Paris is bespeckled with les places all over the city, basically wide spaces opening up within dense city blocks where people can gather and sit around and look totally Parisian. One of the most famous is the Place Vendôme – ritzy, filled with designer clothes boutiques and shops with expensive watches in the windows.

Last year it also housed a public installation by french artist Arnaud Lapierre called “Ring” and quickly became one of the best Paris sculptures to be found. A collaboration with AUDI and the 2011 Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain, Ring is a circular structure made up of a series of mirrored cubes placed and polished just so, reflecting the surrounding architecture in surprising ways, giving a new perspective on the timeless plaza and the beautiful flâneurs that stroll it.

The piece overall is 18′ x 13′ in diameter and, if the sun hits it right, may very well transport you to another dimension.

Ring - Place Vendome

Ring - Place Vendome

Ring - Place Vendome

Source: designboom

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