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The Salt Labyrinths of Motoi Yamamoto

In the library of the obsessed one envisions their own demise. It’s the only explanation for the drive that keeps artists who work  in endless repetitions of minutiae doing what they do. Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto must see his demise nipping always at his kneeling heels, how else would it be possible to start another of these immense projects?

The following installations, entitled Labyrinth, are works in salt, which is a medium that seems to me to be a loose metaphor. Salt laid down like the intricate pathways of the mind – Yamamoto relates his work to keeping a diary.

A crowd later destroyed this one, scooped up the grains and returned them to the sea (via the Rhine).

Follow Motoi on his blog to see more of his near-miraculous work. Other pieces of his (before the Labyrinth project) are similarly dexterous.

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