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Twenty-Four Hour Sky Photography

A day is a difficult thing to photograph. Not because of the duration involved — it’s certainly possible to capture a long period of time in a single shot — but to be able to deduce the flow of time in a composition that makes you really feel it, well that’s a different story. Suffice it to say that Greek photographer Chris Kotsiopoulos nailed it. This shot was taken over a 24 hour period, from Dec 30 – 31, 2010, when the resolute artist remained in the same spot for total of 30 hours. A veritable marathon. Um, yeah.

Take a look here for his description of the process, which, as I expected, seemed pretty complicated, not only because of his use of something called an intervalometer and the possession of an astrosolar filter but because of the need for long and short exposures, the location of exact cardinal points and 24 hours of cloudless sky.

Below is an explanation of what’s going on in the above shot.

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