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Turns Out Sine Waves Are Your Friends After All

oscillate - sine waves

But really, after loathing even the mere thought of trigonometry all throughout high school, turns out sine waves have some intrinsic value after all. The animation below actually uses them for a purpose beyond making university blackboards look like the art room in a lunatic asylum.

If you don’t know what sine waves are, well, you’re not alone. I have no idea. Even after reading over their wiki page I’m still not even close to getting it. But then again, I didn’t get a C in math for nothing.

Not to make us look bad, computer artist Daniel Sierra is singlehandedly putting the rhythm back in algorithm, the slay back in oscillation, the fun back in trigonometric function… ah you get it, and has made this incredible animation using nothing but his computer and sine waves.

Fortunately for us luddites, we have animators like him that can turn mysterious things like wave patterns and mathematics into bedazzling shows of light and sound, which I definitely got high marks in.

Anyway, this one will mesmerize you. And you’ll probably want to run out and take a class in differential equations. Then again, I suppose you can just punch yourself in the face, suck some broken glass and jump out a 5-story window, too. It’s up to you.

A full description of the piece along with some still frames can be found at dbsierra.com.

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