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Vintage Space Travel Posters by Steve Thomas

Traveling was just better back in the Golden Age of Travel. Minus the cigarette smoke and the plane crashes, you had it all: dapper suits and hats to wear, giant trunks you didn’t have to carry yourself, and security lines? Pft. As if. Not to mention the white paper streamers, the wives and children at the docks crying for your departure, waving their handkerchiefs and dabbing at the corners of their eyes. You were off to exotic lands of misty landscapes, elephant hunts and cholera epidemics. Yeah, that was the life.

But wait, is true history not really your bag? Do you also like nostalgic interplanetary space travel? Do you while away lazy afternoons reading Arthur C. Clarke, dreaming about rocketing to Saturn, Venus, and the sexy Asteroid 5astraea?


Well, it’s a common irony to want these two separate and perfectly unfeasible things. So to commemorate, Steve Thomas has lovingly created some masterful illustrations that seamlessly render the impossibility of being caught in the middle: vintage space travel posters. Taken from a time back when we were cruising off to the distant planets of our solar system in luxury knowing we really did have it all.

Solar system travel posters NeptuneSolar system travel posters Venus

Solar system travel posters Asteroids Zipline Solar system travel posters Jupiter

Solar system travel posters MarsSolar system travel posters The Moon

Vintage Space Travel Posters PlutoVintage Space Travel Posters Titan

Solar system travel posters UranusSolar system travel posters Rocketship Tours

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